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Ming Yi Silicone Co., Ltd was established in 2010, located in Bengbu, Anhui Province, which is the manufacturing operation of Iota Corporation Limited in China. As a member of Iota Corporation Our company covers an area of 9,000 square meters and a construction area of 12,000 square meters.

Ming Yi Silicone maintains close long-term cooperative relationship with many universities and research institutes in Nanjing and implements a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers. Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment. Technical support and scientific management of the powerful can provide all kinds of high quality organic silicon materials for our customers.

Our main products: Phenyl silicone, diffusion pump oil, Methyl silicone oil, Amino silicone oil, Hydroxy silicone oil, Vinyl silicone oil, Organic polysilazane, Inorganic polysilazane, Foam silicone rubber, Hexamethyldisilazane
. Ming Yi enjoy high reputation in our market for Phenyl silicone, Polysilazane resin, Foam Silicone and Hexamethyldisilazane.

Our products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, America, the Middle East and Medium-High level China market.

Thanks for your interest in Ming Yi Silicone Oil, 
We look forward to doing business with you!

Telephone:15605528186 Mobile:15605528186
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